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Rehab New York Saved My Life
Rehab New York saved my life! I may have ended it if I had to live with all the pain I had before I became his patient. Thanks very much!
, New York, NY, USA Sep 19, 2011

Well Treatment
My wife was treated here well. It was a great hospital, I highly recommend it for recovery. Never been here for anything else though.
, NY Dec 22, 2011

Warm Thanks to Rehab New York
The crew in Rehab New York was fantastic....they all do their duties and responsibilities. They know how to treat a patient well, regardless of their condition. Thanks for their warmth accommodation.
, New York, NY, USA Mar 18, 2012

Getting Free Atlas
I feel for the first time in over 20 years that I am free. Free from alcohol. And this time there is no wagon to fall off of. Thank you for saving my life.
, NY Jan 15, 2012

Happier Than Ever Before
I feel upbeat. Even happy. Had a few thoughts about alcohol, but no real desire to purchase/consume. Sense of relief & more at peace with myself.
, New York Nov 11, 2011

Big Thanks to Rehab New York
Over 15 years of taking vicodin and alcohol on a daily basis had brought me to a physical and emotional hell. I had been attending AA daily, working the steps and meeting with my sponsor for 8 months. Emotionally I was healing but physically I was dying. I could not connect thoughts, my short term memory was minimal. I would sleep for 10-12 hours and feel like I never slept. My insides felt like they were SCREAMING! The anxiety was horrifying. I had come to the point of jumping off the deep end and then I found the Rehab New York. After 10 treatments the screaming inside of me and the anxiety was beginning to subside. For the first time I believed there was hope for physical healing. Thank God for excel treatment. Wow! What a miracle. It takes a lot of ongoing work, going to AA meetings, working with my sponsor, eating right, talking with other recovering alcoholic/addicts and boosters from Excel. I know I'll make it.
, New York, NY, USA Dec 20, 2011

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